Parenthood has begun or will begin soon and one of the first decisions you will make is choosing a pediatrician.

At Green Mountain Pediatrics we strive to make the experience of parenthood exciting and rewarding. Our goals are achieved by having our physicians accessible 24/7, providing comprehensive care for your child ( birth to 18 years), and emphasizing parent education.

Upon discharge from the hospital we want to see your newborn within 24-48 hours.
We feel this is an important time to discuss questions and concerns that you have after leaving the hospital. Of course please do not hesitate to call us any time for concerns prior to your visit. We feel a timely first visit is paramount especially in fostering successful breast feeding. Many questions arise soon after discharge and we feel answering concerns early help our families feel confident in caring for the newborn at home.

Additionally, for newborn babies we offer a free of charge "weigh in" visit.

You are welcome to call for an appointment to tour the office and meet our physicians at no charge.

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