Benefits of Same-Day Appointments

Illnesses can come on quickly and when your child needs care, you want to make sure you’re able to get them the care they need as soon as possible. Instead of having to turn to emergency room visits for issues that aren’t truly emergent, there are other options when it comes to caring for your child. Dr. Francine Paston and Dr. Daniel Schloegel and the Nurse Practitioners at Green Mountain Pediatrics in Lakewood, CO, can see your child with a same-day appointments to help your child start feeling better as soon as possible.

How Same-Day Appointments Benefit You

Sometimes, getting the care that your child needs isn’t something that can wait. This is especially true when a sudden issue arises and your child needs relief from pain or sickness. With the advice nurse and same-day appointments available at Green Mountain Pediatrics in Lakewood, CO, you can get your child treated by their pediatrician and get the attention they need as soon as possible.

Your child’s pediatrician reserves a block of appointments each day for this specific reason. When you call Green Mountain Pediatrics, you'll be able to speak to an advice nurse about your child's symptoms. Our pediatric office will give you advice for home care when possible and we'll bring you in for an appointment if your child needs or would benefit from immediate care in our office. If your child is dealing with an injury, a severe sinus infection, pink eye, or a fever, it’s important that they are cared for and get treatment or symptom relief as soon as possible. Getting help immediately helps reduce the risk of the issue escalating and becoming a more severe problem.

Same-day appointments are also useful because the sooner your child gets help, the sooner they’ll start feeling better! You can improve their quality of life by reducing their pain as soon as possible. This can also help your child avoid missing more school than is necessary and they’ll be able to go back to enjoying their favorite activities.

Contact Your Pediatrician Today

Don’t hesitate to get your child the care that they need as soon as possible. Contact Green Mountain Pediatrics in Lakewood, CO to speak to our advice nurse or make an appointment with Dr. Francine Paston, Dr. Daniel Schloegel, or one of our pediatric Nurse Practitioners. To get more information or schedule a same-day appointment, call Green Mountain Pediatrics at (303) 936-7415.

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