Why Are Physicals Important to Your Child’s Health?

Whether or not your child participates in a sport, they’ll be active throughout the school year in all sorts of activities, and it’s important that you’re doing what you can to make sure they avoid injury. It’s important to make sure that they’re as healthy as possible and any signs of weakness or illness is treated as soon as possible. It’s important to bring your child to their pediatrician every year for a physical exam to make sure they’re ready for whatever comes their way! Dr. Francine Paston and Dr. Daniel Scloegel at Green Mountain Pediatrics in Lakewood, CO, can explain how physicals can help keep your child healthy.

The Importance of Physicals

Before your child can partake in different sports and activities, it’s important that they get their yearly physicals from their pediatrician in Lakewood, CO. This is a separate entity from their regular wellness checkup and helps focus on any issues that could be arising that could cause complications in the future.

Before your child can play their favorite sports, it’s important to make sure that there aren’t any issues that could cause them to become injured or impact their abilities to participate. At a physical, your child’s pediatrician will check their entire body to make sure there aren’t any signs of issues like asthma or a heart murmur. Past injuries could also affect your child.

By making sure your child is as healthy as can be, you’re helping prevent any issues from complicating your child’s life and helping them avoid serious injury or illness. It’s important that you’re aware of any issues that your child is dealing with so that certain modifications can be made and they can still enjoy their favorite activities.

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